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  • If this is an employment relocation, check with your employer to see what is covered and what is your responsibility.

  • Set tentative dates for your move.

  • Use a planning calendar to set up your moving schedule

  • Notify your landlord or put your house on the market

  • Begin choosing your mover.

  • Take a house-hunting trip to your new location. Meet with a real estate agent or get a guide to apartments if you'll be renting.

Read our helpful moving checklist

Don't forget important details regarding your move. Use the handy checklist of Snappy Delivery Inc. to make sure you cover all the bases.


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Once you know where you're going

  • Select Snappy Delivery Inc. as your mover.

  • Update your contacts and make a list of who you'll need to notify of your new address.

  • Complete the post office's Change of Address kit.

  • Sort your belongings and have a garage sale for items you no longer need.

  • Contact your accountant or the IRS about tracking tax-deductible moving expenses.

  • Choose your new home and make arrangements for financing. Determine the tentative closing date.

  • Check with local school for their schedule and enrollment procedures.

  • Collect information on churches or synagogues in your new area.

  • Get an updated driver's license and transfer your plates and registration.

  • Contact an insurance agent for coverage of your new home, its contents, and your vehicle insurance.

  • Seek job opportunities for your spouse and children.

  • Choose a bank and open an account. Rent a safe deposit box, if needed.

  • Make a sketch of the floor plan of your new home and get measurements. Sort your current belongings and furniture will fit. Make a list of what you will need to buy.

  • If you don't have a new place selected, rent a Post Office box for forwarding your mail.

  • Get the local utility companies contact information. Find out if any deposit or pre-payments are required.

  • Notify your children's schools of your moving date. Have their records sent to the new school system.

  • Give your moving company your pickup and delivery dates. If you will need temporary storage, make arrangements with your mover now.