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You will be talking to our moving contact, most likely, Randy or Jon, when you call Snappy Delivery Inc. His primary responsibility is advising your family on every aspect of a well-planned move.


Our moving contact will visit your home and explain the many services our company offers. He'll then survey everything in your home that needs to be moved and may point out things that cannot be moved, like flammables. He'll also point out items that may require special attention, like crating, and things that must be prepared for the move by you or a third party, such as disconnecting a gas dryer.


This home visit allows our contact to provide you an estimate of the costs and pricing options you'll have. Once you select Snappy Delivery Inc. as your mover, you'll be asked to sign our Order for Service contract. This will register your move with us.



Your moving van driver will prepare a detailed Inventory & Condition Report of the items you want to move. After tagging every individual carton or piece of furniture with coded labels, they'll record each item and its condition, including any existing damage, on the inventory form. You should be with the driver during this time to point out any special concerns or handling needs of your belongings.

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